Development Roadmap

The purpose of the development roadmap is to provide an indication of the SAFE Network’s release history, rollout strategy, as well as our near term development focus.

Past milestones:

Test 1: 

Feb 26th 2016

Client test. The release of the SAFE Launcher and the SAFE Demo App enabling users to create their own account, and to store/retrieve private data.

Test 3: 

May 17th 2016

The first iteration of enabling users run vaults.

Alpha 1: 

Aug 12th 2016

Release of the alpha network and API version 0.5.

Test 9: 

Sep 16th 2016

Enable users to send and receive SAFE Email. This new functionality also serves as the first developer tutorial.

Test 15: 

Mar 23rd 2017

Enable user to run their own Vaults from home using TCP port forwarding or UPnP.

Upcoming Releases:


In Progress

The core network and fundamental functionality is provided via an initial implementation. This is the first public testing phase.

Future Roadmap

Our immediate development focus (alpha 2) is to provide Mutable Data and authenticator pattern (with the new SAFE API) SAFE Browser DOM APIs and Node.js SDK along with example apps, tutorials and documentation. This new data type and API paradigm is specifically catered for mobile platform support.

Our focus with Alpha 3 (Secure Autonomous Network) is an autonomous secure routing layer that will integrate the first part of data chains and node ageing, enabling users to run routing nodes. This network will provide secure transient data and will be well suited to facilitating secure messaging apps.

During Alpha 4 we will incorporate the data layer through the reintroduction of user run vaults. The data element is much more straightforward after the secure routing layer is in place and this will facilitate a much broader range of decentralised apps.

There will be many testnets between alpha networks and looking beyond alpha 4 we will focus on:

  • Data republish and network restarts.
  • A security audit of the network.
  • Test safecoin.
  • Real-time network upgrades.
  • Network validated upgrades.


Alpha implementations are reiterated and improved, based on user feedback.

Release candidate:

The fundamental feature set is stabilised to provide greater security, resilience and efficiency.


Privacy, security, freedom!