MaidSafe API Library


This library provides an API to the SAFE network. This allows data storage and manipulation (structured and unstructured), reliable and secure communications and the ultimate privacy protection for people using the network and associated applications. This library provides the API that allows data sharing, both public and private.

Public shares allow the creation and running of web sites, blogs, microblogs, social networks which in turn allow people to share ideas, research, suggestions and hope!

This library allows many applications to be built that can provide the features listed and much more, this is a prime reason to open up the complete suite of SAFE libraries and applications to every developer in the world.


  • Login to your own data, wherever that may be
  • Login to a 100% server-free network
  • 100% protection against passwords being stolen in transit (they are never transmitted)
  • 100% server security (there are no servers)
  • Impervious to web censoring (no DNS)
  • Websites stored on public shares get faster as more people wish to visit it (logical)
  • Denial of Service attacks rendered invalid
  • Ability to store virtual wallets with extreme levels of security (bitcoin included)
  • Share any information, including applications with zero intermediaries
  • Unlimited data storage with no monetary cost and no transactions (users must provide hard drive space, CPU and bandwidth though)
  • Anything the web can do plus anything developers can conceive given the freedom to innovate in such a secure, free and private network that automatically scales with their user base

Programming languages


C++11 compatible with GCC (4.7 and above), Clang (3.3 and above) and MSVC 2012 (with no dependency on CTP releases). Tested on Windows 32/64 bit, Linux 32/64 bit (dependent on GCC version) and OSX (Mountain Lion and above).


This library is considered pre-ALPHA quality and is provided with a test suite and QA suite currently under development. Developers should be aware of this pre-ALPHA state if considering using this library for production quality systems at this time.


  • Garner feedback on ensuring ease of use of API
  • Allow Client to authenticate computer users natively (log into any computer/phone and make it yours)
  • Create Android and IOS ports as a matter of urgency