Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some help? Check our FAQ below to quickly locate an answer. If your situation is not addressed in the FAQ, search or post in our community forum to get support from the MaidSafe team or other members of the community.

  • When will I be able to start using the SAFE Network?

    The SAFE Network is under active development and new features will be added and rolled out over the coming weeks and months. It is anticipated that users will be able to login to the network, provide some resources to it and receive test safecoin in return imminently. Shortly after, the first of the SAFE applications will be released and will include storage and messaging functionality.

  • Why should I use the SAFE Network?

    Applications and programs on the existing Internet sell your privacy through advertising and effectively control your data, granting you access when you login. On the SAFE Network, only you control who has access to your data and the distributed security features make your data safer than ever before. If you contribute some of your spare computing resource to the network you are also compensated for doing so with the in built token, safecoin.

  • What is the App Launcher?

    The App Launcher is an application that enables users to create their SAFE account and log into other applications on the SAFE Network without passing your login credentials (pin, username and password) to anyone else. It can be thought of as the single point of contact with the network and keeps you in control of your data at all times.

  • Do I store other people's data on my machine?

    SAFE is a network made up of the spare computing resources of its users. It can be thought of as a crowd-sourced Internet. When you contribute to the network, you allow it to store encrypted pieces (not complete files) of other people's files onto your computer. As you turn your computer off all network data is removed from your machine and will start to fill up again when you turn it back on.

  • Is there such a thing as SAFE websites?

    Yes, and it will be possible to view many of them without creating a free SAFE account! All that you require to view SAFE websites is to have downloaded the browser extension that MaidSafe has built using Mozilla's Firefox browser. You will notice that the web addresses will look a little different from what you are used to 'safe:' instead of 'http://'.

  • Who owns the SAFE Network?

    No one. The network is open source and MaidSafe set out to create a resource that can be used by everyone to spread all human knowledge and to facilitate sharing between everyone on the planet, regardless of your country of residence, culture, or economic background.

  • How much will it cost to store data?

    The amount of safecoin it will cost to store data will depend upon how much resource is available to the network and how much demand there is to store data. Unfortunately, the cost cannot be predicted prior to SAFE's launch and will change in line with supply and demand after launch.

    As SAFE does not have many of the overheads and costs of existing services, like Dropbox, it is anticipated that storage will be significantly cheaper than using any current solutions. It is important to note that when storage is bought, it will last forever and is not just provided on an annual basis.

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