Maidsafe Mark

SAFE Network Alpha 1 is now complete, Alpha 2 coming 21st September 2017

Publish SAFE websites without charge.

Within the alpha there are no hosting costs and the Demo App makes it very easy to upload existing websites, or even create your own! There is no centralised DNS to ask permission to name and identify your site, or your own public identity.


Privately and securely store your data.

The Demo App enables everyone to securely store private data that only you can read.* Any data uploaded to the SAFE Network is split into chunks, randomised, encrypted and stored across several nodes on the network using a process called Self-Encryption. With the SAFE Network, your files never leave your computer unencrypted!

Private Data

One login for all your apps.

Using the Authenticator you can securely authenticate all your apps with just one set of credentials. Your login details are never passed to authorised apps keeping you secure and in control of all your information.